According to the Ministry of Education in Guyana “from a full sample of children tested between the ages 6 and 9, over 60 per cent could not read a single word in the first line of a simple paragraph.”

Why is this happening?

The Government of Guyana provides free public education to all Guyanese from the age of 3 years and six months to early adulthood.

The government provides buildings and basic texts as well as free school uniforms for all pupils, however, universal access to education has not dealt with the issues of quality and equity of access to education.

High levels of nursery and primary enrolment and a high completion rate have failed to produce satisfactory levels of basic literacy and numeracy skills.

Many schools are almost entirely dependent on contributions from the local community for land, electricity, plumbing and maintenance services.

They are constantly in need of resources such as books, stationery, photocopiers and even paint for classroom walls.

The issues

Too often teachers don’t even have access to the basic resources required by the Ministry of Education to complete a course. We would like to change this for as many schools as possible. With your help we can support schools where lack of resources severely hinder both pupils and staff.


could buy puzzles or games for a nursery.

Passing Thought

“We will need political will to strengthen our educational system. Because it is only through education that people can understand what is going on and make careful judgement and not only see things about how it pinches their foot. It is an established fact that where there is illiteracy there is political uncertainty. Education has to be a ‘cradle to the grave’ situation.”

Guyanese Voices – The Extracts.

From: Contributions towards the Resolution of Conflict in Guyana – Judaman Seecoomar

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