Clonbrook Primary:


In 2009, the Trust provided furniture for the school’s planned reading room. At the time the school was still awaiting funding from the authorities for the building, which was subsequently approved.

In 2010, the Trust helped to improve the school environment for teachers and children by providing teaching resources, table covers, fans, paint and a marquee to shade students having outdoor lessons.

Daphne Higgins was followed by Juanita Peterkin, who shared the same vision of improving and increasing school resources and improving pupils’ achievement as Daphne.

In 2012 the Trust provided, a photocopier, 2 water tanks, a gas cooker, literacy materials, specialist reading programmes, wall charts, bookshelves, paint, dustbins, art materials, stereo MP3 players, and a television and DVD player.

Following the departure of Juanita Peterkin in 2014, the school experienced a period of organizational, administrative and staffing issues which led to the trust suspending our work with the school until these issues had been resolved.

During the Trust’s visit to Guyana in 2016, we met with the current Head teacher, Michelle McIntosh and senior staff at the school. It was clear that the school, under Michelle’s leadership, is back on track and we look forward to resuming our longstanding partnership with the school, on our next funding visit.


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