Ann’s Grove Secondary:

We have been working with the school to raise pupils’ achievement levels by providing textbooks and materials in specific subject areas.

We are happy to report that the school has seen an important rise in the number of passes (including at grades 1 and 2) in these departments. This includes the first grade 1 passes in Integrated Science in the school’s recent history.

In 2012, the Trust provided Ann’s Grove Secondary School with a stereo MP3 player, DVD player, phonics DVDs, a microscope for the Science department and a gas cooker for the Home Economics department.

In 2013 we supplied the school with a photocopier, printer scanner, hand mixer, blender, literacy materials, specialist reading programmes, a router for the woodwork class and class set of biology textbooks.

In 2015 we provided the school with textbooks for Home Economics, Agricultural Science, Integrated Science and English. We also provided an electric planer and electric sander for the Woodwork class.

In 2016 we provided more textbooks for Agricultural Science and Integrated Science Departments.

We also provided the woodwork department with additional tools which were used to make a number of decorative and practical woodwork items intended for sale.

Unfortunately, since our last visit, the building used for woodwork is no longer fit for purpose and the school is awaiting approval from the Ministry of Education for new accommodation. This new accommodation will enable full use of the resources donated by the Trust, including to provide independent funding streams for the school through the sale of items.


could buy tools for an Agricultural Science class.