Ann’s Grove Nursery:

Head teacher Merlyn Andrews reports marked improvement in staff morale and performance since receiving much needed resources from the Trust. This has resulted in increased pupil attainment. Merlyn says that parents are also taking advantage of literacy workshops put on by the staff, using resources provided by the Trust.

In 2013 The Trust supplied the school with a photocopier, CD player, Specialist Reading programmes , literacy materials, puzzles, games, wall charts, clocks, building blocks, and phonics DVDs.

In 2015 The Trust provided the school with outdoor play equipment, interactive phonics games, a laptop and printer.

Members of the community subsequently donated another set of playground equipment to the school.

Parents and staff are very pleased with the impact of the outdoor equipment on the social and as well as physical development of the children.

In 2016 The Trust provided 2 televisions, a music centre and a range of literacy and numeracy resources.

This year the Trust funded a water dispenser, filing cabinet and more interactive literacy and numeracy resources.

We now feel that the school is well resourced and we have completed our work with them.