Current projects

Ann’s Grove Primary

We first donated resources to Ann’s Grove Primary School in 2010. A requirement for further funding was that the resources would be used to help turn a disused room into a reading room.

Lancaster Secondary School

The school has a demographic of farming and fishing communities and high levels of illiteracy amongst parents. Economic priorities mean that often students do not attend school, in order to work with parents.

Ann’s Grove Secondary

We have been working with the school to raise pupils’ achievement levels by providing textbooks and materials in specific subject areas.
We are happy to report that the school has seen a small but important rise in the number of grade 2 passes in these departments and anticipate that the increased number of text books available to students from 2016 will see those numbers rise.

Ann’s Grove Nursery

Ann’s Grove Nursery headed by Merlyn Andrews now has 90 pupils. Their main educational challenges when we first stated working with them, included not having outdoor facilities for children to develop physically and a significant number of single parents who do not have funds or time to help their children outside of school. There were problems with parental involvement generally and the impact this had on children’s behaviour in school. Over the long-term they aim to improve literacy, numeracy and overall attainment.

Clonbrook Nursery

Clonbrook Nursery, headed by Abeeda Ali, has 144 pupils
Prior to working with the Trust, the schools main challenges were
not having outdoor playground equipment and insufficient teaching and learning resources for children to achieve satisfactory standards of literacy and numeracy.

Clonbrook Primary

Clonbrook Primary School was the first school the Trust worked with in the Ann’s Grove / Clonbrook area.
We were greatly impressed by the commitment of then Head Daphne Higgins, who after retirement went on to become the Trust’s Liaison Officer in Guyana. Daphne’s long term goals were to improve the physical environment of the school and raise literacy standards. Her first aim was to have a fully resourced reading room.

Passing Thought

“We will need political will to strengthen our educational system. Because it is only through education that people can understand what is going on and make careful judgement and not only see things about how it pinches their foot. It is an established fact that where there is illiteracy there is political uncertainty. Education has to be a ‘cradle to the grave’ situation.”

Guyanese Voices – The Extracts.

From: Contributions towards the Resolution of Conflict in Guyana – Judaman Seecoomar

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